Operational Research Assistance Project, South Africa

Operational Research is an essential tool for gathering data and finding practical local solutions for issues in TB control.

From 2010 through 2013, TREAT TB partnered with the Desmond Tutu TB Centre in South Africa to implement the Operational Research Assistance Project (ORAP). The ORAP in South Africa funded research projects based in settings where such research is a relatively new enterprise. Linkages between academic centres and government health services ensured necessary support and mentoring, as well as the practical nature of the research activities. The ORAP initiative enabled more than 100 health professionals at national, provincial and local levels to conduct operational research that aimed to strengthen TB control throughout South Africa.

All of the projects were determined to be of great importance by the national Department of Health and are funded by the South Africa USAID Mission. Support was provided by from the Desmond Tutu TB Centre and the Free State Province Health Department.

Operational Research Course, India

TREAT TB has provided operational research training in countries affected by the global TB epidemic.

Between 2012 and 2013, TREAT TB worked with the Union South-East Asia to carry out the Support for Operational Research Project in New Delhi, India. Through this project, TREAT TB facilitated a national review of operational research priorities and trained 12 local health professionals to conduct operational research studies focused on TB control in India. 

Virtual Learning Programme For Operational Research

TREAT TB piloted the Virtual Learning Programme for Operational Research in 2013-2014. This programme adapted The Union’s onsite course model for web-based learning. With support from Union and TREAT TB experts, four participants based in Brazil, India, Kenya, and Swaziland conducted operational research studies related to TB screening, contact tracing, treatment outcomes, and co-infections management.